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    My 2006 Magic Blue 2.0T V70

    Since it's turning into a bit of a project I guess I should make a thread about it here.

    It started off last year as a 'have to buy a new car quick' because my old S60 T5 was in a crash and technically totalled.

    I could salvage a lot of parts that are slowly making its way to the V.

    So far I have done the following;

    - Silvervision turn signals
    - Replaced upper engine mount with a PU one
    - Nebula Wheels
    - Vacuum lines
    - combined the V70 grill with an S60 grill
    - Carkit
    - BC Racing coilovers
    - spacers to get the wheels sitting right (imo)
    - Remap, should have about 220-230hp now
    - 3" downpipe
    - Mud flaps
    - new xenon bulbs
    - xenon in the fog lights

    So it went from this when I bought it:

    IMG_7412.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

    to this now:

    IMG_8223.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

    Next on the list are
    - XC90 front brakes that were on the S60 (will probably also find a set of rears)
    - replacing the headlight lenses and getting rid of the orange reflector
    - Paint the rims in the darker shade from the Titan rims

    Possible things for later
    - swap the 16T from the T5 & the injectors but it's gonna need a new clutch first because that'll be smoked quickly with more power
    - R bumper or S60 edition bumper
    - Have the plastic on the bottom painted in the cars colour.

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    Nice project, looking good too - Keep us posted on progress!

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    Looking good, I love the colour, shines lovely!

    Keep it coming!!
    1996 Olive Green 850 AWD - Follow the Project - Forged rods, 19T, big blue injectors, 960 TB, 3.25" MAF, Ostrich, 608 binary, arduino data display, active exhaust control with Focus RS tips, 320mm front brake conversion.
    1996 Nautic Blue 850 AWD - Failed its MOT, now it's a donor for the green thing.


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