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    Site Close Down Plan

    Hey Everyone

    Well the site has been going for almost 20 years! (20 years this August).

    But all things come to an end eventually and we have made the difficult decision to "call it a day"

    Basically it's down to practicalities, to keep this site running it will require quite a lot of investment and due to the nature of how people prefer to consume their communities these days, the investment just can't be justified.

    So what's next?

    • 14th September 2024 (unless we have any major failures in the meantime) will be the last day the site exists in it's current form.
    • The site will show "in maintenance" for a period of time whilst we convert 20 years of content into static web pages.
    • The site will then come back as an archive, no new updates will be made but the last 20 years of content would be preserved.

    It's been quite a journey and thank you to all those that have been a part of it! Special mention to Dave, without his dedication the site wouldn't have made it to 20!
    Any suggestions, information, complaints or grievances relating to this forum please feel free to contact us, talk to a mod or administrator

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    Thank you from an appreciative member, I can fully understand your difficult decision but times change and it's nice that you'll save the info within the site for reference!

    All the best for the future.

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    So glad to have been part of VPCUK for many of it's twenty years, I have met and talked to many people through this site, of which many are still close friends. It will be a sad day when it finally shuts down as the facebook groups are nowhere as good as a proper forum, but it's good to know that the content will not be lost, so people will still be able to access the wealth of information on here. Many thanks to all that have worked so hard to keep this going.

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    Sad news, but understand the reasons as to why.

    After 14 years of meeting new people and getting support from this forum, its also time for me to say goodbye
    to my car. Time has come where I need to pass it over to someone who can hopefully have some fun in it.

    Car is provisionally sold and due to be collected on Saturday.

    So, thanks to everyone on here, its been a blast

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