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    Any cure for awful fogged up plastic headlights?

    The one thing letting my lovely car down are the horrendous 'bog windows' headlights. They diffuse the beams so much at night its difficult to see.

    I have tried polishing the things - a month later FOGGED again. I am kicking myself as I scrapped my last V70 with perfectly lovely GLASS headlamps! Now I would have to BUY a pair again. On ebay averaging 300+ per pair USED.

    My car is in the 'awkward' period (2004) between face lifts so its hard to work out which fit and which dont. I am seeing plenty of GLASS replacement lenses but will these fit in place of the grotty plastic ones please? I have stripped down a glass headlamp off one off my cars years ago to see if it could be done. Its only a few clips around the edge and it comes off. The idea was to fit my own LED DRL's into the headlights and refit the glass?

    I HATE plastic! I am a green warrior and it seems every day they make something else out of plastic - WHY HEADLIGHTS? The intense heat crazes and yellows them so fast. Unless straight out of the factory they look appalling a week later.

    Im not seeing ANY PLASTIC lens replacments? These would be my choice but seem to be be unavailable?

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    I had similar issue on my 05 XC70 with plastic headlights.
    I did find a company selling replacement plastic lenses but they were 90 each. New aftermarket headlights were 140 each.
    I wet sanded mine and used a 2K clear lacquer ebay item number 174798601898 to refurbish them for 22. Hope that helps you decide. It all depends how badly crazed they are as to whether they can be rescued.

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    Best buy a small spot of this stuff, does an excellent job.

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