Hello everyone
I'm a Norwegian who lives in Thailand and got a Volvo 850 GLT and is now in the process of rebuilding my engine.
My issue is or problem is...to find what main bearings I need....it is so confusing because I have found 3 markings
on the engine that I have found is related to bearings.
I found one marking at the top of the block, right-hand side at the crank side.
One marking at the bottom of the block, right-hand side at the crank.
And lastly a marking on the crank itself

Top of the block marking: 1DDDDDD
Bottom of the block marking: 1ABBBBB
Marking on the crank: 1BBBBBB

So can you guys tell me what bearings I need and where they belong....also if possible part numbers on the bearings.

I will be greatly thankful for any help.