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    P2 S60 T5 auto what to watch for

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at picking up a 2000 S60 T5 auto but I've no experience with the newer Volvos - my dad has an 850 t5, I'm into the redblock-powered RWD stuff, so no idea what to watch out for.

    It'll be my daily so not looking to go too silly with power or suspension changes - just want something decent and reliable that I won't have to spend lots of money or time on every weekend - my 940 does that already.

    Has anyone got any things in particular that are common faults that I should watch out for?
    I've read that the geartronic boxes have a common fault with the B3 servo cap? But unsure how big an issue that is.

    It looks like a bargain and has just had the ATF changed so I hope that's one common thing dealt with. But otherwise I'm new to automatics and P2 cars so any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    The transmission is cooled via the radiator. If there is an internal failure it can kill your transmission. So consider bypassing the radiator and fitting an auxiliary air cooler for longevity.

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    ended up buying it - a few small issues but nothing major and it's in good shape for a 22 year old car.
    My first T5 as well!

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    Volvo S60 Pre-tuning service

    STAGE ‘0’ TUNE

    New spark plugs (Genuine) *
    New TCV (Turbo Control Valve)
    New timing belt and water pump (Genuine) *
    New auxiliary drive belt (Genuine)*
    New VVT gaskets *
    New Engine oil and filter (Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10W50) 5.5 ltrs * (Having tried many grades and makes of oil, this oil surpasses all others and coming highly recommended. It really is the best you can use and will stop oil burn on overrun due to worn engine parts, namely piston rings and cylinder bores)
    New radiator with transmission oil cooler bypass
    New Coolant (OEM)
    New fuel filter
    New pollen filter (Genuine Carbon filter ONLY)
    New Jetex performance air filter (Dry – Do not oil)
    New manual transmission oil (Redline 75w140NS)
    New brake discs and pads all round (OEM)
    New brake fluid (R600)
    New front shocks including bump stops, HD top mounts, bearing plates, bellows.
    New rear shocks
    New fuel filler cap
    New lifetime engine oil filler cap seal (IPD)
    New OEM thermostat c/w temp sensor *
    New PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) System <<<This is critical on cars over 100k. If not done, it will cause failure of the rear main seal inside the gearbox amongst other issues. *
    New front sub frame bushings (PU Inserts)
    New Power Steering fluid + Genuine modified PS reservoir 05> and hose
    New wiper blades + washer jets (They clog up with calcium)
    All hinges and window runners lubricated (white grease/silicone spray)
    New MAF
    Entire car treated with under body seal.

    This list is not exhaustive and depends on budget but a really good starting point for anyone buying a P2 platform, whether they want to modify or keep stock.
    I have modified this list from a P2R to suit your needs. Take from it what you will but if you plan to keep the car, I strongly advise you work your way down the list asap to prevent future issues coming to fruition.

    * These jobs can be done as a major service, ie, Timing belt service.
    If you're going to get a garage to do this, then I strongly advise you to get all the parts from Volvo before hand as this will make your garages life much easier and you'll get the car back quicker. No garages like spending hours on the phone ordering parts that are not considered 'service items' yet are vital to complete the Stage 0 service and ensure long life and preventative maintenance for the new owner. This also ensures that the garage do indeed change the parts that they would likely consider do not need changing.
    Top tip: Ask for all the old parts back as you intent on selling them
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