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    C30 D5 Tinkering

    I have decided to pep-up my C30 D5.

    The chosen bits & pieces are all gathered ready, now I just need to get them nailed on.

    I'm not deleting the cat or DPF, I like more power, yet like being quiet, green & legal too and these mods alone will be more than enough for the auto box to cope with.

    Here's my list of collected treasures.

    Focus ST front brake dust-guards.
    Focus ST Brembo 320mm discs.
    Focus ST refurbished OE front callipers.
    Focus ST calliper brake pad springs.
    Ferodo DS2500 pads - Focus ST front - C30 D5 rear.
    Volvo C50 T5 2.5 Turbo AWD Hel braided stainless steel brake flexi-hoses.
    Motul RBF600 DOT 4 brake fluid - 1 litre.
    K&N air filter.
    Airtec C30 D5 intercooler & fitting kit.
    Swirl flaps replacement kit with gaskets & O-rings.
    8 litres Titan 4400 ATF and a bottle of Lucas SS.
    Ford Focus E Transmission torque-mount.
    Jetex C30 T5 stainless steel cat back exhaust system.
    New DPF with tail-pipe removed and replaced with 2/1/2" id pipe to match exhaust.
    BSR PPC3 stage 1.
    Additional ATF cooler. (To be sourced?)

    I used to do all of my own tinkering, however, degenerative spine disease has put a stop to most of that.
    The first job will be to get the local Powerflow exhaust shop to sort out the DPF alteration and fit the exhaust system, the other jobs will get picked off when pals come to visit, Coronavirus & weather depending?

    After it has had a manual decoke of the induction system and all of these go faster bits fitted, I'll run it on a rolling road to see what numbers it achieves. Guessing around 240bhp and 340ftlb?
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    In no particular order of least resistance...

    The K&N air filter and BSR PPC3 stage 1 download are the first to get crossed off the job list.
    Considering that the induction system hasn't been decoked yet, I was pleasantly surprised just how much extra get up and grunt this gave.

    It's booked in next week for the DPF modification and fitting of the Jetex exhaust system.
    Spine permitting, I'll try and get the transmission serviced and the new torque mount fitted before then?

    Diminishing Projects List

    Service transmission
    Fit Ford Focus E Transmission torque-mount
    Upgrade Brakes
    Decoke induction system and fit new swirl flaps
    Fit Airtec intercooler
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