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Thread: P2 Platforms

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    P2 Platforms

    Very basic question from someone new to Volvos.

    Do all P2 platforms have all mounting points for all engine/transmission mounts?

    Or, worded another way, could I confidently buy any V70 whether XC or not, and mount two/four wheel drive running gear? And would there be pickup points for all possible engine mounts?

    And, on a side note, is the bolt pattern for 2.3 and 2.4 engines the same? To the gearbox, like.

    Thank you

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    I reckon they all have the same mounting points be it petrol / diesel or V70 / XC as they all have the same front subframes. To be sure you’ll have to check the PNs or check some photos online.
    The rear subframe engine mount from auto to manual is different as the shape of the auto transmission is a bit fatter on the rear end.
    The bolt pattern between the engine and transmission is the same on most models I have seen. Normally 3 bolts acrosS the top, 2 starter motor bolts, and 4 across the underside.

    Again check PNs or online diagrams. If you need some photos of an M66E case or from an automatic AWD transmission then just ask.


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