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    Starter Motor Replacement

    Hi. My 99 T5 is suffering from a 'sticky' starter. Needs a love tap to wake it up every few start-ups. I have a replacement from the Volvo/Saab breakers in Nottingham ready to go.
    Question is : What it the recommended method. Inlet manifold off (allowing access to PCV too) or fan cowl shroud?

    (Not sure if there is a 'how too' on here that's relevant still finding my way around.....)


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    The way I did my starter motors (having changed them a few times on my Volvos) is to remove the fan/fan shroud assembly (easier than removing the inlet manifold) and some of the intake piping and airbox, then you should have pretty good access to the starter motor.

    That is unless you want to do the PCV at the same time In which case take the manifold off as well as the fan shroud.
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