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    1998 volvo 940 ignition ecu question

    Hi Everyone,

    We have just purchased a 1998 Volvo 940 LPT B230FK Automatic.

    I have just chipped the Fuel ECU to up the boost a little, but also have the ignition ECU chip.

    We have ran in to an issues where the chip set is made for both metal type ECU's however the ignition ECU in ours is the black plastic type one which the chip apparently wont fit!

    My question is can I change over to a metal type ignition ECU, are they interchangable?

    What 940's had the metal ignition ECU's Was it earlier models ect?

    Regards Phill

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    The 'goldbox' EZK (ignition ecu) was a rare feature, they were found on 940 sports and a few of the 94-96 940 turbos. I don't think they were really fitted on the later models.
    You can either buy a goldbox or modify your black one to take a daughterboard which then accepts the ignition chip. The kits to do that are available from

    If you're good at soldering then that's probably the best way to do it, rather than waiting for a goldbox to come up for sale. That said I might be tempted to part with mine as I've not got it fitted any more, shoot me a PM if you are in a hurry for one.


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