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    Quick update, I've been stuck not doing much on the car since lockdown started (I'm still working a lot)

    I snagged a beaut leather interior from a nearby mate (once the lockdown rules were relaxed, social distancing was maintained.) That's now in, and it totally transformed the car.

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    It also reminded me how heavy the seats are, and so I'm already looking at replacing it all (down the line) with some decent lighter seats. 4 buckets if I can, then it'll be party in the front, party in the back.

    While in lockdown, I've also been fiddling with the electric fan with the goal of binning off the viscous coupled fan. As my car is non-A/C, it makes it a slight pain to swap it in; the radiator is smaller and sits further back in the engine bay, and the e-fan is bloody thick and fouls on the studs and the radiator at the same time. Unfortunately I can't cut enough off the studs to make enough clearance; I want to keep about 25mm of clearance from the back of the fan to the pulley.
    I've done all the wiring for the two speed controls, power relay, etc, so it seems a shame to not use the fan I have already. So, it's getting shelved for the meantime until I swap my intercooler out for a better one. As that's going to be shifted forward anyway, I'll then have space to move the radiator, and then the fan will fit. I considered getting a slimline fan, but I've spent more than enough money on this now and I refuse to spend any more on it when I have more important needs.

    I turned the boost up again (12psi ish) as that seems to be the sweet spot before the clutch starts slipping. It's still slow though, so an intercooler, clutch and TTV flywheel are probably my next go-fast bits on the list. I also picked up a 'junk' 530 head that will be a test bed for various brackets and porting practice, but it may also end up on the car as it seems alright, just a couple of broken or missing studs. Will chuck some photos up of it when I do the work on it

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    Result on the new seats!


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