Hi guys my car runs and nothing mechanically wrong with it. Everything functions as it should. It is old but loved.
I don't have any warning lights on. I spent thousands on this car, I have the receipts to show for it.

It burns oil from the stem seals/ and there is an oil leak at the bottom somewhere. I had this car since 2001 and used it to drive my mother around it has been SORN since her death last four years. I run the car regularly I even flushed the engine and change the oil and the tyres.
I bought another car.
You can either come and see the car and make me and offer want to remove some parts with mutual agreement. OR
I want to break this for parts (sadly as I can not change the stem seals at a reasonable price).
After I take out the gas conversion kit, wheels with tyres, battery, music system( cd changer speakers etc) and the tow bar is anyone interested to share the profit from breaking the car.
It has to be done at your place I don't have room ( I need space to park my new car) that is why I have decided this desperate measure.
Many thanks.