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    Help! 2003/4 V70R engine has gone bang!

    Hi there,

    First post! Was hoping to join a forum and it not have to be such a depressing one but here I am.

    I was driving back home Friday and on the M3 on the smart motorway section (actually broke down in the left lane as there was no hard shoulder - terrifying experience!), and I got a no oil pressure warning, followed by the engine sounding like a bag of spanners.

    I am assuming internal damage to the engine and needing the engine opened and surgery performed.

    I had a horrible experience part exchanging a BMW 3 series engine a long time ago for a refurb that was absolutely trash, and I am looking for advice on where to go to have the engine looked at and work performed.

    I believe my options to be the following:

    1. Repair the current engine by people that know what they are doing, including as it's open probably doing improvements such as the liners and also essentially rebuilding with all new seals, rings and everything else.

    2. Getting an engine as a part exchange that has had all the above done by someone reputable.

    Can people please advise? I am based in Fareham, near Southampton, but i'll get the car delivered via trailer to the right garage/person.

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Sorry to hear.
    Sounds like your oil pump gave up and done some serious damage. I’ve sent you a PM.


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