Hi all, Iím about to replace the front suspension on my 2001 C70 Cabrio.
The struts at present are Volvo Sachs 82 4903 553 021 with 3546644 springs dynamic (brown colour code).

Iíve a pair of new Sachs shock absorber struts 82 4903 553 058 (oil pressure); said to be comparable to Sachs 82 4903 553 021 struts.

However, most all of the after market vendors list coil springs OEM 3546642 (green colour coding).
I have a pair of Kilen springs OEM 3546644 spec.

The following details from Professional Parts Sweden.
3546644, wire diameter 13.00mm, spring diameter 143mm, length 473mm
3546642, wire diameter 12.75mm, spring diameter 142mm, length 442mm

The dimensions for the 3546642, indicates less stored energy in the compressed fitted state, would seem to indicate a softer ride than the 3546644 springs.

Anyone have experience of 3546642 springs on a C70 or any other model?