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    P3 modification / AWD questions

    Hi all!

    First post, so please bare with me....
    Am also a Volvo virgin.

    Doing a AWD conversion on a car that originally has the t5 with a FWD M66 box.
    Now, as far as I can tell, there weren't any 5 cylinder petrol AWD P3 chassis models, is that right?

    If the above is the case, then the next 2 questions will apply...

    Are all of the haldex rear diffs the same? Diesel and Petrol? Previous generations of haldex?
    Are they all the same physical size?
    Take the same prop shaft?
    And the same side shafts?

    Next, the front transfer case...
    Are these all the same physical size on the M66 box?
    Do they all take the same side / drive shafts?

    Basically trying to figure out a way to mix and match off the shelf parts to get a P3 5 cylinder AWD.
    Thinking some V70 or S60r parts might do the trick.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Volvo made a V50 T5 AWD. Not many sold.....

    One here on ebay

    Some C30s have been converted to AWD using these components.

    Not much swapable with the larger AWD cars as they were built on a bigger platform shared with the mondeo amongst others. The smaller Volv o T5s were on the Focus platform
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    Thanks for that mate....

    Yeah its the bigger P3 and newer platform I'm working with, the focus and C30 were based on a shortened P2 chassis from what I've read.
    All the P3 rear sub frames look the same, so am hoping the rear diffs are all the same.

    Basically, if I can get a xc60 rear subframe, diff and prop shaft, then that should be the rear sorted.
    Then I will just have to work out what transfer case and gearbox combo I can use to make sure the prop shaft is orientated in the middle.

    I am pretty sure it can be done, I just dont have any parts to measure them and see if the prop shaft connections are the same unfortunately.
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