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    alloy lower wishbone's

    just a quick question. Iv got a set of lower alloy wishbone's with powerflex black series bushes fitted. I was just wondering if there was a reson thay changed them to steel? as having felt the diffrence in weight between the two im worried that the alloy ones won't be strong enough. Im going to be fittting coilover's soon and i drive a lot of back roads and im just wonder if the will be strong enough.

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    I've had a polybushed pair on my R for a couple of years now. My main reason for finding a pair was that the balljoints are replacable and I was getting fed up with the quality of some of the aftermarket cast arms. Don't think you need to worry about them being strong enough, they were likely dropped in favor of cast arms for cost reasons, long before unsprung weight considerations were a thing.
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    I've been after a set of these for years for Olive, but no luck yet......

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