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    how do i reset immobiliser on 95 850 so i can program new key fob ?

    Ok -so i have a bit of a problem. I armed my 95 850 using the keyfob and then the keyfob do i now reset the alarm / immobiliser so i can program a new fob ?

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    I got stuck a few years ago in a Tesco car park when my key fob just stopped working for some reason. Opening the door with the key resulted in the alarm sounding, even putting the key in the ignition and turning the ignition on didn't deactivate the alarm and the immobilizer wouldn't deactivate. Didn't matter what I did (disconnecting battery, leaving it for a few hours, new keyfob battery etc) I couldn't stop the alarm sounding or deactivate the immobiliser. I found out that what I had to do was open the vehicle, let the alarm sound then wait (23 seconds I believe !) for the alarm to stop (the hazards continue to flash though). As soon as the alarm stopped I turned on the ignition, the hazards did a funny double flash then stopped, the car then started !. I got it home, locked it up with the key intending to look at it the next day, went out the next morning to find the key fob was working again and it's never done it since !. Don't know if this helps, mine is a 96 850R.
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    Mr Bananas you are a superstar. You'll never guess what happened to me tonight.

    Tried to open the car with the fob, nothing. The fob was beeping so I knew the battery was ok. Problem is my door lock doesn't work and the boot lock doesn't either so I had no way of opening the car...

    Anyway after an hour I managed to get the locking system to unlock but then the alarm was going off and the car wouldn't start.

    I used your method above and hey presto it started and disabled the alarm. I re-registered my fob and another one I have lying around and all is well. The alarm must have 'forgotten' my fob for some reason.

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