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    1996 850 T5 Motronic 4.3 to 4.4?

    Hi, Ive asked this over on T5D5 but looking at the activity over there the Forums pretty dead! My 850 in the title has an HLM304 remap, A 16T and white injectors. I got the 16T and injectors off a written off 1998 S70 T5 manual that i still have. The car ran perfectly but i wasn't able to drive it to check it out due to the accident damage. Now ive been out the loop for yonks but was recently enlightened that the M4.4 is the way to go on a M4.3 850. Ive just yanked the M4.4 out of the S70 and its not the first time in its life its been removed, Also the car shows signs of previously having an MBC fitted and then removed, So the ECU might have a map on it, My question is can i remove my M4.3, Plop the M4.4 in and give it a quick boot round the block to see whats what? I know about the A/C mods required on the M4.4 but my A/C doesn't work and is switched off so i don't know if this or anything else would prevent me doing the quick swap over? Cheers for any advice/Help.
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    It might run but the immobiliser may kick in and not let it start. If it does run it may throw an engine light for some of the features which aren't on the 850.

    The other way to do it is to flash the map the Volvospeed guys have been developing. More info here
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    I bought a mapped M4.4 from Oblark on here and it ran beautifully on my 850 T5 (Air Con mod also) with white injectors... He might be able to advise.

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