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    p2188 (system to rich at idle bank1) help please :(

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    just changed my front lambda sensor now this fault has appeared and car is running like a bag of .
    when you try to go there hesitation the car almost sounds like no fuel stumbles for a second and then goes but with reduced performance.
    the mpg has gone down to 17.5mpg
    also when you brake to stop say at traffic lights all the lights flicker n the revs start rising up n down same happens when you rev it stationary to. i would assume alternator on the way out i have cleaned maf sensor with electrical contact spray thats not helped any but i am no expert hence i'm asking you nice people

    i know the other fault code is for the clutch position sensor i have on order from volvo

    thanks in advance for any advice

    my car is a 2002 volvo s60 2.3 T5 SE
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    Hi when you fitted a new sensor, what make did you use,

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    I see where Davebb is going with this and I'm inclined to follow suit.

    Firstly, what was the reason for replacing the O2 sensor in the first place and did you have any symptoms??

    Secondly, Electrical cleaner spray will do jack to the MAF and it will not, i repeat NOT dissolve the baked on dirt/oil residue that gets passed your air filter (air filters can only filter down to so many microns) dirt will still get past!
    Use proper MAF cleaner (which is expensive) or use Carb cleaner followed immediately by brake cleaner to remove the residue left by the carb cleaner. The brake cleaner evaporates very quickly, so use copious amounts of spray to clean.
    If the MAF has not been cleaned properly, you will notice a difference once it is.
    Refit and take for a test drive.

    When was the last time you cleaned your ETM and reset adaptions?

    Believe it or not I've seen cars (Nissan Micra 1.0 and Ford Fiesta 1.4 spring to mind) that wouldn't even start unless you buried the throttle and once started, they would stall and not idle due to the throttle assy being dirty. Once cleaned they ran perfect and idled like a dream!

    How many wires did your old sensor have? 4 or 5? Does the new one have the same?
    What make is it? Only fit BOSCH!!

    I know your car is a 2.3 T5, but this is a brilliant thread about the same fault on a 2.0 T and well worth a read!

    .....Which reminds me. When was the last time you changed your spark plugs and have you removed them to check their condition??
    I also suspect you have PCV issues.
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