Hi all last year some may remember I was asking advice about an engine I had blew. Wel I got a new one fitted through Volvo, got it back to amazing condition. Then had to have major surgery. The car has sat for almost a year. Ow under a cover, has been started once a week. But then 2 months ago we had some kids think it wasnít funny setting fire to a tree on our properly which unfortunely burnt out a land rover, a jaguar and damaged the front lights on my Volvo C70, luckily I was informed about the fire before it actually got a hold properly. So it needs a bit TLC! New front lights and indicators, and maybe a bit of a paint job on front number.

It has had new trees, new front discs, it was put in for mot just over a year ago and had al the work done it needed so it was costly! Just for the engine replacement, callipers and discs as well as a manifold so it has had a lot spent on it!

Iíve got a c70 T5, was keeping this one as a second car but obviously since having major surgery and the core damage I physically canít do anything to it!!

not looking for the money side just need the room as Iíve had to spend my other cars as Iíll not be fit to drive for awhile! I can attach some photos she was my pride and joy and was devistared when the big end went and small end! But she is purring very well now starts first time no problems!