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    Help upgrading my d5 V70 manual.

    Hi to Forum but beenreading it for years.

    I've a V70 2.4D 6 speed manual with shark remap to about 200 hp and lots of torque.

    This then had the xc90 big caliper set up to cope with the new wallop it has compared to the 163 it had.

    Living with the car the last 3 years it's developed basic problems due to the mods.

    It blows the intercooler pipework off for fun and never leave home without a set of seals and pray it isn't the intercooler that pops.

    Clutch sometimes slips in high gears from 70mph +

    It handles like a barge. 196 k on original suspension bushes so hardly surprising.

    A binding caliper

    Firstly what hard pipework is available to stop the constant blow off and intercooler upgrade?

    What clutch / dmf fits capable of a little more power if I upgrade the intercooler?

    What suspension is reccomended as I spend my life in Wakes Yorkshire and Herefordshire connected by regular motorway journeys?

    Anyone got a good pair of xc90 calipers fir sale or reccomend anyone that can repair them. I'm talking to godspeed at yhe moment.

    I can't bring myself to scrap it or give it away as I love it and nothing else compares for the money it owes me.


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    have you a dyno print out you can post, do you know the torque it makes?
    what year is the car,
    I have a DO88 intercooler and this works well,
    Tim Williams makes a good intercooler,
    klracing (good price)



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