This P2 V70R is new to me. I did the glove test when buying it and although it didn't get sucked in to the filler cap it didn't inflate either, just vibrating really. I took that to mean the PCV system could do with looking at but at some point in the medium term.
I have discovered after the delivery trip from Swansea to Glasgow that the upper breather hose was in fact severed and gently exuding oil vapour. Having a poke about I managed to remove two broken sections of this extremely brittle plastic pipe. Plugging both ends has the glove waving enthusiastically.
This would seem to indicate the oil trap is gunged up and needing replaced. I have two questions:

1 Is the fact the top breather hose is open ended just now mean that the crankcase will not over-pressurise and blow oil seals? Are there particular danger areas I should be checking?

2 I've seen a few recommendations On this site for ordering oem parts from FRF in Swansea (where the car was originally bought in 2006). Is this still the case?

Any input much appreciated.