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Thread: 960 3.0 turbo

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    960 3.0 turbo

    Ive got chance of a 960 3.0 how much would it cost to turbo it?

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    Prices can be a tough thing to provide considering there may be a lot of custom work needed.

    Off the top of my head you'll need:
    Exhaust manifold (custom made or modify one from a T6 engine)
    Exhaust system (or at least a downpipe)
    Intercooler or other type of intake cooling system
    Associated oil/water/intake pipework including fitting oil drain into sump
    Maybe an Oil cooler
    Standalone ecu and someone that can tune it
    <insert rest of list here>

    Don't forget that this engine is not designed to run a turbo so you could have many problems with it (thinking con rods may be weak, cams are for NA, compression ratio higher).

    You could fit a T6 engine from the later cars which are already set up for a turbo but then you would need a modified sump.

    A T5 engine would be easier as the ecu and tuning options already exist, though there would still need to be a lot of work to fit all the ancilliaries.

    Would you do most of the work yourself?
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    960 3 0 turbo

    for a turbo, best bet would be to contact proflow, they make one for the VEs. Would be much more cost effective, and probably make more power.


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