Volvo Guinness World Record Attempt - 21st April 2019

600 VOLVOS NEEDED....Read On

The current Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Volvo cars is 570 and was achieved by Volvo Forum in association with Auto Boss (Poland) in Katowice, Poland on September 2010. The parade started on the border between Katowice and Chorzow and ended along the dual carriageway in Katowice. People travelled from Germany, Norway and Slovakia to witness the attempt.

Our sights are firmly fixed on beating this World Record and we need your help....

Classic Car Weekly reports:

A Volvo Facebook group wants to smash the current world record for the most Volvos travelling over a measured mile - and needs your help.

VolvoTuning.Net (VT) has been in touch with the Volvo Owners Club, Volvo Enthusiasts' Club & Volvo Owners' Scotland to break the record of 570 Volvos in convoy, set eight years ago in Poland. The attempt is open to any classic or current Volvo owner, regardless of club membership.

News of VolvoTuning.Net's bid, submitted to Guinness World Records, has stirred several American Volvo clubs into action. Stuart Mills, group admin, says: 'We must beat the Americans. Any breakdowns on the day and we'll get out and push, strictly to Guinness regulations, you understand!'

Stuart remains confident that at least 600 cars could be made available for a record attempt next year. A tentative date is set for Sunday 21 April 2019.

The venue for this World Record attempt is presently undecided although Bruntinthorpe & Rockingham have been suggested amongst many others.

Sunday 21st April is currently the day you need to mark on your calendar...cancel everything else. UK Volvo Community Needs You.

Will post updates as they arrive.