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    Misfiring v70...

    Hi, bit of help needed on misfiring t5.... most noticeable on tickover, no codes other than p0808 which is weird as that's to do with a manual car and this is auto, no dash lights illuminated.
    Various bits replaced, etm, fuel filter,manifold and temp sensors replaced, map sensor, fuel pressure regulator,plugs,ecu pins and connectors checked etc.. If you do a hard battery reset the misfire usually disappears for a day or two before returning.. car drives ok with a light foot, it worsens the more you press the throttle. no stalling and misfire seems to be in a 5 second cycle on tickover..
    Any pointers or ideas ?

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    first of all have you used Volvo parts or oe/ebay special parts??

    have you checked the coil packs??, done a compression test?? checked for ANY air/vac leaks?? From my experience with ME7s ANY misfire is recorded on the ECU, even when running correctly you get misfire codes. Get the car read with proper Volvo software ie Vida dice.
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