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    Help / Info needed please

    Hi there,
    i need some help on the V 70 1998.

    my master switch for the windows just broke.
    the driverside switch just broke and dont let me close the window anymore. its the plastic switch which actually broke.
    i had it out and tried to repair or see what can be done but the whole switches just dont work properly anymore.

    i dont want to spend the amount for a new car to volvo and fleebay just offering LHD switches. for some reason.

    can the LHD switch pack being used for the RHD drive cars ?
    or can part separate be ordered for those switch packs?
    i dont have any local scrapyard which has any v or s 70 in at the moment as i already been for a possible towbar.

    can anyone let me know please where i can source one of those switch packs cheap. location south debyshire de11 area

    thank you

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    You could try salvogroup, they're north of Derby.

    The part number for a RHD switch pack is 8638453 (a LHD one is 8638452). Its seems the RHD switch pack is 125 brand new on ebay.

    I guess the only difference with the LHD switches is the auto window down function will be for the left window as this is the drivers window in a LHD car. If you're handy enough you could buy the LHD one and swap the function and switch cover
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