Hi Guys,

Only my second post after my introductory post ages ago. Sorry. I could do with some advice please.

The steering rack on my V70R is leaking bad. According to VIN decoder sites it is an SMI rack. In the near future I am dropping the sub-frame etc. As I am carrying out a manual swap. A good friend is donating a manual V70 to the cause. So whilst in the process I can sort the rack. But do I get the rack that is fitted rebuilt? I am quite happy to rebuild myself-if anyone knows where I can get a rebuild kit for this rack? All the kits I have seen online are for TRW racks. Obviously before ordering I do need to confirm it is an SMI rack when I drop the sub-frame. I just need to know the availability as time will be limited where I am working on the car.

Another option is I have an '02 C70 for breaking. It has relatively low miles (92k). I know the rack and pump is different but as I have the complete car would it be easier to install the rack off the C70 with the C70 ancillaries? Will a rack off an '02 C70 bolt straight on to a V70R sub-frame/engine? I could just strip it and try it but again I would like to know beforehand so I have everything aligned and ready to go for the manual swap project.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.