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    Looking for ideas and advice

    Not been on here for god knows how long now but I'm getting back on the Volvo saddle.
    A while ago the head gasket blew on my R and I'm now getting ready to get it sorted and I'm looking for some helpful advice from you lot. Basically I'm looking at doing some upgrades to the head while it's off and have been considering an uprated gasket if there is one available, better cams and port and polishing. I did put a similar post on one of the facebook forums and got some help but just thought I'd ask here.
    Many thanks in advance folk.

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    80:20 rule is all I can say. 20% of the effort gets you 80% of the benefit. So, minor porting work, removal of flashings, a little detail work on the valve profiles and 3 angle valve seats will get you more benefit than fancy cams, polishing and "proper gas flowing" unless you have major dollars to throw around. manifold and gasket matching is worth doing as you build it all back up too!


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