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Thread: 940 brakes

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    940 brakes

    looking to rebuild my brakes this summer before I start upping the power. Would like to upgrade while I'm doing it because it needs doing anyway, so why not?
    Any recommendations of what I can fit to a '97 940 estate without too much hassle that works better than the stock ones? Looking to do discs and calipers primarily, pads are fairly straightforward after all.
    I have Girling with ABS at the moment, but was thinking I might just try to replace the whole system with something better so there's no more confusion over what I have, what specific parts I need, all that.
    Have been looking on the internet but there doesn't seem to be loads of info out there that I can find, figured I'd ask people in the know.

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    If it was me I would keep standard discs, get your calipers bang up to scratch, and make sure it all works as it should, then upgrade with mor eheat resistant pads. I havent had a car yet which didn't benefit from uprated pads on an otherwise standard set up, and have experienced scary brake fade several times with standard brakes.

    I cannot recommend a good combo for your model I am afraid. From memory I put Ferodo Ds2500 on the front of 850 T5 after a hairy episode and they were brilliant. A bit squealy and they ate the discs, but hauled the old beast up good and true. Well worth looking into if the budget is there. Cheers Woz


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