Through sad experience I ALWAYS take the locking wheel bolts OFF my cars and fit ordinary stock bolts. 2 of the cars I have had to take to a guy who is supposed to be the best in the UK near Reading. He lives in a big house pad for JUST from removing IMPOSSIBLE wheel nuts! His house is surrounded with plastic skips of the things hes removed over the years MILLIONS!

He is paid HUGE amounts to travel all over the UK and in some instances GLOBALLY as he is DA MAN! One bolt on the V70 even had BOTH OF US hanging off a scaffold pole to break the bolt!!! Thats probably about half a ton hanging off it LOL. Imagine doing that for the first time in the middle of nowhere (Devon lol) pouring with rain, muddy ground with the odd bit of slurry chucked in, trying to change a wheel on a car you just bought with THOSE horrendous locking bolts on........nice.

I'll find his card and put it up here if anyone is struggling?

Anyway I digress. I ordered 4 bolts on ebay that SUPPOSEDLY fit my D5 but I compared them and the pitch is different???? My other 2 cars have interchangable bolts but the D5 seems to have different hubs????

Any hints as to what I need to buy as the spec for the bolts please?