I am about to change the four shocks of my XC70 II 2008 with 4C (Sport, Confort and Advance buttons) and found good deals on ebay and Autodoc for Monroe ones, which are the same as the originals. Problem is that whenever I give my VIN number, they tell me they do not fit my car. These shocks are the C1513 (rear axle) and C2510 (front axle) which fit in the V70 III, according to Monroe catalogue. But Monroe does not have any listing for the XC70 II with electronic shock absorbers. For this reason I guess the V70 ones will fit in mine.
Can anyone help me to understand if the V70 III shocks fit in the XC70 II? My part number for the rear shock is 31262315. Unfortunately I do not have the front one.
I iwsh to thank you in advance for the time spending reading my post.
Hope someone will be able to help me. My MOT is booked for the next 18th of April.
Again, thanks.