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    2002 Volvo XC70 COnRod Bearing Replacement

    Hi guys,

    it seems after initially suspecting turbo and hydraulic valve lifters (tappets) that I've actually spun a ConRod bearing and have been notified by Volvo that tolerances for bearings - or should I say Crankshaft journals are stamped/laser etched on the flywheel face near counter-weight and on bottom half of block (for engine rebuild purpouses).

    I was also notified that there can be (even from factory specs) various (Yellow/Red/Blue) Combinations of Upper and Lower ConRod Bearings - depending on tolerances.

    I have some numbers on the old (removed, damaged/spun) bearing that may or may not indicate whether they are "standard" size or "oversized" (my observations indicate standard as a) there is no number such as .025 etc... to indicate any number other than standard (to which all bearings have consistently the same numbers stamped upon them), b) The following after market bearings are ONLY available in "standard" - "non- oversized" form (indicating 'standard is the usual go);

    The numbers on the original bearings are as follows (please see attached pics.);

    VOLVO (genuine); 3531614

    and on other side

    09-01 (possibly indicating date of manufacture and also numbers; 5496

    I am trying to avoid separating the transmission from flywheel to view tolerance stamping/s and am merely aiming to replace bearings from underneath by removal of the oil sump without further dismantling. I am aware of axial flange bearings which I do not intend to replace if I can at all help it.

    Thanks for having a look at my post - any help would be enormously appreciated.
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    As far as I know the big end (lower rod) bearings are not marked on the engine block. Googling that part number comes back as a standard size bearing, part of the kit 30777466. After reading some threads on Volvospeed I used standard size big ends (genuine Volvo) when I rebuilt my engine. Here's one

    Apparently you can get 0.25mm an 0.5mm oversize rod bearings. Not sure how Volvo would have marked if these were used in an engine, maybe they are for use when a crank is reconditioned?

    The numbers on the flywheel end of the block correspond to the main bearings, there should be another set of numbers on the crank. Using both of these numbers you can work out what colour main bearings you need for the upper and lower sections.
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    The numbers shown here are most likely the manufacturing date (week 09 Year 2001), 5496 is possibly an impression number for quality purposes, should anything be found to be incorrect dimensionally the batch can be traced and then remove form production and dealt with it whatever way necessary. T he long number in the other picture is as Dave stated the volvo part no.

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