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    V70 lock gremlins

    Hi all, new here so please be gentle

    I have recently bought a ph1 v70 tdi. Absolutely love the thing! However it seems to have a few gremlins that I'm struggling with.

    I've already repaired the passenger front door lock as the switch wasn't showing the door closed, previous owner just removed all bulbs from courtesy lights.

    I have no remote fobs with the car... 

    Now the bit that's bugging me, with the car unlocked and drivers door open, as I close the door the drivers lock motor cycles through its 'unlock' motion. Only the drivers door and every time I close the door. 

    The car will lock and unlock fine using the key, deadlocks are working but no alarm. I've found no end of posts about door switches failing and the door showing as open constantly, ive 1st hand experience of this now. But cannot find anything else online where the drivers door does what mine does?? 

    Also I cannot get any life out of the alarm system but I'm wondering if the two issues are connected.

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    Interesting issue you have there and welcome to the forum

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