Evening all,

New buyer into Volvo only mine has an LPG conversion and the tank is where the spare wheel lives. Now I heard that there should be a factory subwoofer in the boot. I can't find it in there. From what I can see there is a grey female plug on the edge of the boot ( rear wall fwd of the rear bumper). To the left of that there is a box bolted to a plate above the battery.only thing is that I have no idea what the box is and there is a grey cable that is plugged into it but it seems someone has cut the other end off?

I've had a look about but I can see a picture of the subwoofer installed. All I find is after and all hidden and because I have LPG system in the way I can't just remove the tank so I need some help.

I'll add some pictures tomorrow.

Any clues so far!


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