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Thread: VIDA problems

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    VIDA problems

    Finally bought myself a brand new VIDA DiCE and disk for 90. However I sit and wait for an hour whilst it installs, then it starts to open then NOTHING

    Comes up with a dialog box telling me my laptop doesn't meet specs! The only thing I can see is that I run Win 7 premium on all the PC's I build, as every newer version is full of so many bugs they crash all the time!

    Checked the install and its now telling me it NEEDS WIN 7 PROFESSIONAL!( MORE MONEY

    is there no way I can patch or mod it to run on the Win Premium? Im fuming as I need to run the diags badly on the V70 as im getting all sorts of fault code advisories coming up on the DIM!

    Cheers folks  7674

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    Sorry mate, Vida queries like this are against the rules. Thread closed.
    Any suggestions, information, complaints or grievances relating to this forum please feel free to contact us, talk to a mod or administrator

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