I'm in the planning stages of a trip to Gothenburg, it will be the usual flying out on a Tuesday and back on a Wednesday evening, of course you can drive if you wish and it will consist of:

1st day:

Meet the volvo museum after arriving at landvetter (gone are the good old days of Gothenburg city airport lol) cost to go in 7 ish, a real must to volvo enthusiasts.

Evening out in Gothenburg usually at the Chinese buffet and a few beers afterwards.

2nd day:

A trip around the factory on the little blue train and cover from a piece of metal to a finished car.

The brand experience, seeing the direction volvo are heading and cover aspects like safety and examples of crash tests

Lunch in the factory cafe with the workers 6 ish pay on the day.

Driving the volvo demo / test track with the entire range of Volvo's from D2-D6 and T2-T8 (no polestars)

I'm looking at October / November 2018, for several reasons, petrol non hybrid will still be available and it's before the start of Brexit.

Spaces will be limited so get your name down you can see from previous years how popular it is, please only apply if genuinely interested.

Max 25 people and 8 spots are already earmarked to those who have been before and already want to go again.

20 spots now gone!

This will be the last chance to visit before volvo go all hybrid and electric and also before brexit incase that causes issues.