So I have a 09 C30 R-design with a 2.4 D5.

I had a few issues over the past 3 years with it, but now it seems to have a lack of power when you apply the accelerator, this is intermittent and I have tried different RPMs and gears to see if it was just my driving style, but the car just doesnít want to accelerate like I know it can do.

So far I have tried;
Engine and DPF cleaner that you put in the fuel tank
Unplugging the MAF

The previous issue I had was an oil leak on the turbo pipe, but that was all sorted and the oil changed for what was suggested in the Manuel. And the DPF sensor being broken (was ready 68bar) which was changed for an exact match.

So Iím short of ideas and donít really want to fork out a small fortune for a garage to find the fault.
It done just shy of 100,000 miles and is driven on many short and long distant trips.

Any help would be appreciated