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    Every time I get my car washed, paint keeps coming off my front bumper.

    I've used touch up paint but doesn't stick...

    Without getting a full spray is there anything can be done? Could get bumper wrapped or cover it with a sticker.

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    Bad respray in the past? Or maybe you've been a bit unsympathetic with the jet wash on a damaged section (stone chip etc) and it's lifted the paint.

    You could try a localised rattle can repair - rub it back and use a good quality plastic primer, base caot and clear coat. May not end up a perfect match but would look better than flaky paint. Otherwise I think the only option is full respray or try to hide it as you suggested. If you are going for a rattle can job, don't bother with stuff like Halfords off the shelf cans. Get some from a proper paint supplier (try Paints 4 U) as the cans have a better atomiser.

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    I wouldn't bother trying to polish a turd. The bumper has obviously been sprayed in the past and not a good job.

    Don't waste your time and money trying to paint it with cans, it will look even worse and the overspray will cover the car (unless you completely wrap the car in clingfilm or plastic sheets).

    Just get it resprayed! Budget 300-400 for a good quality paint job from a reputable Body shop.

    ....and one more thing. Don't have it done by a man in a van. Total waste of money and will still cost you 250-300.

    They can sort out your badly wrapped trim parts too at the same time

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    The bumper can be removed and rattle-canning it is an option. Best to either learn how to do it properly or ask someone with experience to have a go.
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    I would go with Lee's advise, get it done by professionals. Removing the bumper takes 10 mins.
    Alternatively you can get the bumper wrapped - also by pros.

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