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    Quote Originally Posted by oblark View Post
    Part no.s say yes,just the foreign site gives the engine code from which I then got the fd from

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    If it is from an XC70 I'd say it was the 4.53:1 FD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangerous Dave View Post
    The cross reference comes back as 8252344, seems to only be linked with the D5244T4 in the XC70 so probably the M66E XC box with the 4.53:1 final drive

    Looks like the M66 box with the 4.00 fd ratio was also used in the S40/V50 T5 AWD. The PN is 8252157 or 9482340 (or 9482368) the sticker should have '366R 7002' on it.
    Hi. Could you please help with suggestion on choosing M66.
    I am about to make a transplantation of M66 from P2 XC70 to my P80 AWD V70.
    I've sourced 2 gearboxes. They both come from 2005 XC70 D5 6-gear manual cars. I believe both have 4.53:1 final drive as they are from XC, not regular AWD. On of them (9482342) has second code 366R 7002 DA, while other (9482372) has 566R 7002 BB

    Is there any logic in those designations? Are those bearboxes identical or there is some difference?

    Thanks a lot!


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