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    Sorry Iím not going to disclose the figure paid for it in 2016.

    Into 2018 and once out of storage the main job for the year was to sort the front brakes out. A sticking front calliper had overheated the disc and warped it giving bad steering wheel wobble when jumping on the brakes. I wasnít happy with the standard to which the calipers and discs had been painted by a previous owner so took the opportunity to replace all calipers with fully refurbished ones, pads, discs and rubber hoses both front and rear, the fronts were in quite a bad way. I also ended up replacing a few of the solid brake lines as theyíd just ceased solid on the end fittings.

    Rears all done...

    And fronts....

    Made a massive difference to the car and itís ability to stop.

    That was pretty much it for 2018 although I did manage to get hold of the cars original floor mats again. Time constraints of work didnít really allow for me to spend much time driving it or working on it and it did just shy of 500 miles for the year.

    Next job on the list is to replace the hand brake cables, theyíre showing their age and adjusted to the maximum now!

    Other jobs to do this year is to replace the front screen as the replacement it had at some point in the past is not quite fitted high enough as the top screen rubber doesnít meet with the roof properly. New upper and lower screen rubbers will be fitted at the same time and the side screen trims that run up and along the length of the roof. Again these parts are just starting to show their age.

    In addition to that itís about ready for a new radiator as itís weeping from the usual area in the top corner.

    I managed to add another little piece to the cars past history as a Volvo press car in the form of this Volvo 1995 BTCC marketing flyer, which included a picture of the car with one of the Volvo race cars!

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    Nice history and a lovely car

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    Nice to see it is still going, It was owned by myself for a while but you probably already know that.

    Noted the comment regarding the Paint on the Brakes, I did those in 2013 so no wonder they are past their best now. Plus Sadly the chap I sold it to near Huddersfield had it Remapped and abused it, He commented to me about how much smoke came off the Brakes when he was out getting it Live Road Mapped by Tim Williams and notably cooked the Brakes approaching a Roundabout at 110MPH. So that wont have done the Paint finish or indeed the Brakes much good.

    Think it went to another lad who also had a Focus RS and again was not too mechanically sympathetic towards the Car. He contacted me saying the Brakes where Warped and the Gearbox was knackered and he was having issues selecting certain Gears. Some Threads on here about the Gearbox.

    I told him I had sold the Car some time back and to speak to the Chap he bought it off who had it Remapped etc.

    It was faultless in my ownership 7 Years ago and wanted for nothing.

    I wasn't going to say anything but I would want to know this if I owned the Car, Don't shoot the messenger....

    A few Years back I was at the Classic Car Show at the NEC and was looking around the Saab Enthusiast Stand, I was stood next to a Guy who I had never met before and said he always liked the Saabs but never bought One and had a string of Performance Volvo's throughout the 90's and early 2000's.

    I told him I had Owned quite a few Saabs and some Performance Volvo's myself including a Yellow T5R, My Jaw hit the floor when I showed him a picture on my Phone and he said "That is my old Car" Turned out he actually Owned M251 TFC at some point before the chap I got it off so it must have been around the Millenium?

    He went on to say that it was a Press Car and originally owned by Volvo UK, Mentioned a Magazine article. I couldn't believe it.

    He seemed very surprised to see it was still going and I asked why? I almost wish I had not though as he stated that the Car had been involved in a Collision during his Ownership near London, The chaps Wife lost control of the Volvo and went off the Road at about 50MPH. She hit a Low Kerb and then ended up in a Ditch and was stopped by a Tree, Broke her Collar Bone and he Nose too in the Impact as the Airbag never deployed

    It sounds like he had a bit of Money as he had the Volvo Recovered to his home Address and had a Ramp at home. He had a Friend who actually worked for a Motor Vehicle Insurance company as a Claims Assessor to look at the Car chose not to go through the Insurance because he knew the Car would be written off and most likely a CAT C.

    He chose to get most of the Panels off a Low Mileage Crash Damaged 850 from a nearby Breakers, New Genuine T5R Bumper from Volvo "He said this was very expensive", 2 x Alloys as they where Cracked, The Car required to be put on a Jig as the front was slightly twisted, The NSF Strut had all bent inwards along with the Suspension Arm due to the impact.

    He said they had a nightmare getting the Wheel Alignment set once the Car was back together and this was due to some Subframe damage.

    He said the Car would have almost certainly been a CAT C Write off due to the cost of the parts and the Structural Damage to the Suspension and Floor Area.

    He said it was his forever Car but sold the Car shortly after it was repaired as his Wife refused to drive it or even go in it anymore.

    I told him it was disappointing to hear this as I bought the Car thinking it was original and cherished and I wouldn't have given it a second glace if I had known, He said he really looked after the Car and it was his pride and joy but knew if it was written off that it would have affected the Value and so he chose to repair it himself.

    He also said he never disclosed this to the next Owner so the chap who I got it off wouldn't have had a clue either as I think its had about 10 Owners now.

    I asked him 2 x times are you sure it was this Car and he said 100%.

    Tonight I was been nostalgic looking at some Pictures of my old Cars ad Googled Bonelorry Volvo, Saw this Thread and had no idea the Car was still knocking about on the forums. I have not logged in on here for ages.

    I know its not great news but it still a very rare Car and whatever has happened doesn't detract from its current condition, I bet there are many others out there from the 90's that have been involved in similar Accidents and repaired without Claiming and people are non the wiser. I HPI'd it and it was clear and so it should be.

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    The power of google has brought me here via this registration mark and that very same BTCC brochure in my collection.

    I was performing some research into Volvo press cars of the era.

    Fabulous car by the way. Very jealous! Hope all is well.

    I am restoring a Volvo 480 Turbo and I am doing some digging into its history.

    My registration mark is M***SFC…. August 1994.

    FC is the regional identifier for Oxford.

    My car has an original history file and the opening PDI at 19 miles is not by a dealer. It is simply stamped “VOLVO CARS WHEATLEY OXON”

    To the best of my knowledge there was never a Volvo dealer in Wheatley and I have done some enquiries in the town.

    I have subsequently discovered a long since disappeared “Volvo PDI Centre” occupying Lye Hill quarry in Wheatley. This is now occupied by Walters Coaches. This centre would manage the import and delivery of Volvo internal cars; such as press cars, Volvo fleet cars, police cars and such like.

    If you look through all magazines of the time, 1994, 5, 6 and 1997 many of the press cars had SFC, TFC or PFC marks.

    It would mean a lot to my research if your car also displayed “VOLVO CARS WHEATLEY OXON” in its glovebox manual, service book or history file. Would it be possible to check?

    One of my tasks is to make some original number plates in the pre-2001 font. This thread is invaluable to understanding what those plates looked like – plane jane apparently with just VOLVO in blue font at the bottom. I would imagine our original plates came out the same machine months apart.

    Like I say if you could check any literature your car may have that would be awesome.

    All the best



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