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    DIY: Leather Repair and Kit Review

    Video on a review and demonstration using a leather repair kit from Refinish Coatings. Refinish Coatings is a company which makes restoration kits for both leather and vinyl applications. These kits can be applied to a variety of products such as automotive applications, furniture, marine, etc. They are available in a variety of colors and pigments which will match OEM or factory specifications, along with providing a high quality durable finish. For this product here I will be working with a damaged piece of leather which will have a couple scratches repaired, along with applying a dye. Overall I am very impressed with this kit and would recommend it for anyone wanting to repair or customize items themselves.

    Tools/Supplies Needed:
    -Refinish Coatings leather repair kit
    -bucket of water
    -2 lint free cloths
    -soft brush
    -hair dryer or heat gun
    -rubber gloves
    -2 disposable containers

    -ensure the surface you are working with is thoroughly cleaned, use an all purpose cleaner, they recommend using Simple Green or a dish soap along with water
    -scrub the seat down using a sponge, cloth, or soft brush, then wipe the again clean free of any soap
    -finish up with clean water to ensure all soap reside is removed and allow it to dry
    -for drying, we can use a hair dryer or heat gun, if you are using a heat gun, be sure itís on a low heat setting as we do not want to damage the material
    -I would recommend wearing rubber gloves to the products do not get on your skin, along with oil from your skin contaminating the surface
    -use a clean lint free cloth and the Surface Prep product, apply it to the cloth and work it into the surface by applying harder pressure
    -the surface will feel tacky once cleaned
    -allow it to dry for 24 hours or to speed up time use the help of a hair dryer or heat gun
    -if you have any damaged areas, use 600 grit sandpaper to remove any loose fibres and smoothen the area
    -once finished, clean off any sanding debris, and give the area another wipe down with the surface prep product
    -use a small disposable container, pour a sufficient about of base coat into a cup
    -add cross linker to the base coat, for every two ounces of base coat, add one cc or ml of cross linker
    -mix thoroughly using one of the stir sticks
    -apply the base coat mix using the supplied sponge, use only light pressure with fast movements and do not leave streaking
    -allow it to dry but only by air drying, do not use a hair dryer or heat gun
    -the top coat must be applied within four hours
    -to repair the damaged areas, use the stir stick to ensure the leather crack filler is mixed and apply it to the damaged areas
    -once dry, use the 600 sandpaper to smoothen the filled areas
    -I did apply some base coat over the filler just to promote adhesion for the top coat as well
    -shake the Top Coat in the container to ensure itís mixed and pour a sufficient amount into a disposable container
    -using the pipette add the cross linker, for every two ounces of top coat, add two cc or ml of cross linker, and mix thoroughly using the stir stick
    -the top coat mix can be applied with an airbrush/small paint gun or using a foam applicator
    -using a sponge, you will need to work the top coat into the surface so it's able to color the cracks and textured areas
    -do not apply an excessive amount of product, using fast movements I find work best, and do not leave any streaking
    -allow about five minutes in between coats, a hair dryer or heat gun can be used to speed up dry time
    -apply the next coat when needed, also different directions help blend the repair
    -depending on the repair will depend on how many coats are required
    -it normally takes about 3-4hrs to cure, this will depend on the thickness of coats, along with your climate
    -do not allow the repaired area to get wet for 48 hours
    1996 Volvo 854 turbo automatic.

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