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    Tapatalk Mobile Access to Forum

    Hi All,

    Firstly, the "cover our arse" speech. We do not provide any warranty or support for Tapatalk. If you screw up your device, lose data or whatever due to the use of Tapatalk we are not responsible. Tapatalk is an external application and system which we do not control. We merely provide an interface to allow Tapatalk users to use this forum.

    On a recent re-evaluation of Tapatalk and their T&C's, we have decided to implement the Tapatalk plugin here.

    We are testing it, so any feedback you may have please post in the Feedback and Suggestions section.

    Tapatalk can be downloaded from or from your mobile devices app store. (Please remember the opening line though).

    Create an account.

    Search for Volvo Performance Club UK, or even just Volvo, you should see the forum listed.

    Many thanks :-)
    Any suggestions, information, complaints or grievances relating to this forum please feel free to contact us, talk to a mod or administrator

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