So after the battleship was sunk i had to get a new car and this is it! a 1989 volvo 740 SE estate in Pink....i mean red its a 2.0 N/A 8V redblock with the 5 speed M46 (i think) bought for 500 from hull with a years mot car looked ok when i picked it up. tired but ok set off driving and it immediatly came apparent the last mot advisorys were right.

inner tie rods are knackered so it has a slight wobble to it. theres a nasty grinding clicking noise from the passenger side could be brakes or something im unsure. tap the brakes and it shoots hard left so the right side brakes are non existant. the tracking is out as i need to have a fair old ammount of left to go in a straight line (on the steering wheel) but heres the biggest pain. on the way home the head gasket let go. was pressuring all the coolant system to **** and i was doing about half a mile n boiling over again. so the drive home was less than fun to say the least.

it has a aftermarket radio in it too that keeps going to "seek pi" so thatll be ripped out. useless bloody thing that it is. the car REAKS of dog n the interior is more dog than car. and the headlinings non existant n tailgate corroded as per the usual 700 series issues. so currently at the time of writing. im not that impressed but will just see where it goes with this thing i guess.



buggered paint

some top bodge work going on n i aint even touched it yet!

interior shot. more dog than interior

non existant headlining

154K on the clock

stupid aftermarket radio

rear door cards

rear interior

Corroded tailgate

rear load area

B200E engine bay

still on kjet

and broken down at the side of the road. yay