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    more updates, been a long time since i did this so still catching up! so after doing nearly a entire winter ruining my american quads i discovered something. my 740 E code headlight protectors fit perfectly.... so put them in the car for next time i washed the front, got a flat at work so that sucked a lil.

    went over to johns to install my 100A alternator and a small bodge later (and some rewiring) we were away, with my new headlight protectors also installed to road test them, on the way home noted the alternator gauge sits noticably higher so its doing something. gave the car a good wash all over and metal polished some parts, doing this also noted some nice bulkhead seam rust thats happening. lovely....

    then back to cold winter driving for a while and a measure up for some possible spotlights swedish style. thinking the size of a foglight maybe, i dunno will see where it goes

    headlight protectors on

    518 by ramawson, on Flickr

    yep the definetly fit

    519 by ramawson, on Flickr

    flat tire changing in my lunch break, yay

    520 by ramawson, on Flickr

    alternator fitting

    521 by ramawson, on Flickr

    all fitted

    522 by ramawson, on Flickr

    washed the lights and fitted my protectors finally

    523 by ramawson, on Flickr

    charging a lot better

    524 by ramawson, on Flickr

    gave it a good wash

    525 by ramawson, on Flickr

    all shiny again

    526 by ramawson, on Flickr

    interior cleaned

    527 by ramawson, on Flickr

    exhaust polished

    528 by ramawson, on Flickr

    bulkhead seam rust =(

    529 by ramawson, on Flickr

    cold morning warm up

    530 by ramawson, on Flickr

    out n about in leeds

    531 by ramawson, on Flickr

    possible spot light seutp?

    532 by ramawson, on Flickr
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