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    Project Polly - 850 AWD

    So I thought it was time I posted something up about this. The car has been sat on the driveway for 3 years now (and still starts first time on the old fuel).

    It had a headgasket problem so I ripped it apart and fitte a new HG but alas a week later it went again. So instead of messing about I purchased another engine off ebay and set about stripping it to renew the gaskets and seals to save doing it in the future.

    The engine as it was when I retrieved it from Leicester. Unfortunately I got within 50 yards of home and the trailer hit a bump and bounced the engine, which cracked the sump. So I'm going to have to either get another sump or take the one off the engine in the car.

    PCV was a bit blocked.....

    Hardly any buildup in the inlet ports

    So the whole thing was stripped down and then my daughter arrived so the engine build was put aside.

    Then in August last year I decided to get on with it.

    Had the block sections cleaned and I sprayed them with black engine enamel (no real reason for this, just fancied doing it)
    Please excuse the crappy pictures, seems my phone lens needed cleaning (also spot the A series cylinder head...).

    Crank going in...

    Bought these rods a while ago, thought it only fair to use them..

    A bag of goodies turned up from FRF Swansea (thanks Rufe ) some shiny new rod bearings

    New intermediate section bolts too. Pistons in and everything tightened up.

    That's it for now, more to come
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    1996 Olive Green 850 AWD - Forged rods, VXR injectors, 19T, Ostrich 2.0, Arduino data display, Active exhaust control. Follow the project here
    1996 Nautic Blue 850 AWD - Failed its MOT, now it's a donor for the green thing.

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