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    ABS Pump Swap and Brake Bleed (V70 P2)

    Today, I swapped over the ABS Pump Motor and did a brake bleed on the T5 and I thought this guide may be useful because it's one of the jobs I was dreading.

    Disconnect the battery before anything else.

    Firstly, I removed the air filter box and then moved the fuse box out of the way which is held in by 2 x 10mm bolts and also disconnected the red battery leads and the multipin connector.

    Then I had access to the ABS pump motor and module. The 4 bolts need to come out of the ABS module that hold it to the pump, disconnect the 30 pin connector and 2 pin connector wires and then the module comes away from the pump....

    Place an old blanket or sheet under the pump and preferably a catch tray underneath the car.

    Next, use a 13mm spanner to disconnect the brake lines from the pump motor. At this point you will start to lose brake fluid from the lines but it tends to drip rather than 'gush'....

    The lines will look like this when released.....

    Next, remove the 3 x Torx 25 Screws from the Bracket that hold the pump to the car, then you can take the pump away......

    Now you can take your new pump and basically reverse order of the above, fit it to the car...

    Once everything is back together you'll need to do a brake bleed. I topped the reservoir up with Dot 5.1, then got my partner to depress the brake pedal whilst I opened the bleeder valve. After a few goes on each corner of the car and when no more air came out of the bleeder valves, the job is done. It's important to note that I made sure the reservoir was topped up and didn't run dry during the brake bleeding session.

    Now my ABS/Tracs lights have gone out and I have checked for leaks around the pump and there are none. A road test was successful and the brakes respond perfectly.

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