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    Update time, where has the year gone already....

    VT600 has been and gone, luckily I didn't take olive as it tbh, as it turned out to be a real shambles imho (ok on the upside, it did make a load of money for charity, but that's about all) and in all honesty, the clutch would have most probably have killed my leg before the end of the day, as most that have tried it can tell you...its Very

    Moving forward we have a trip to Santa Pod coming up on the weekend of the 28th of September, so it's time to brush off the cobwebs and try to up the power once more, as I need to push the boundaries a tad further and beat my personal best of 13.4, so looking to mapping improvements and weight loss to help here. Possibly some new rubber to make as much use of there sticky track as I can as the slicks I used last time (lent to me by Mr Tim Williams, A big thank you sir) did little extra than to level the playing field between us on reflection, but I can complain as we ran steady 13.6's for most of the day. So time to pull the finger out and get going, turbo will be staying as 15g for this meet and hopefully it will yet again surprise a few on how rapid it is!! I can't wait to get back behind the wheel of olive, as she has been parked up for almost a year now and I really miss her, Gul is a lovely car, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing nearly as fun as olive to be hooning about in.

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