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    Thumbs up How To Change Lower Gearbox Mount (V70 Phase 2)

    This is a really easy job which barely warrants a 'How To' thread but there are some things here which may just make the job that bit quicker when you do it (it's a quick job anyway).


    • Trolley Jack and Axle Stand(s)

    • WD-40

    • 18mm Spanner/Socket

    • 14mm Spanner/Socket

    You may have to remove a plastic shield from under your car if it's still fitted, on mine I don't have one so I'm writing this assuming the tray/shield is off or not present.

    Jack up the drivers side (or passenger side) of the car and place and axle stand under the subframe before dropping the car down. I suggest the drivers side is lifted because this gives you more room to work on the passenger (nearside) of the car which is where the mount is located.

    Look under the gearbox and you will see the mount held on by 2 x 18mm nuts at the front and 2 x 14mm bolts to the rear. Once you've found it, give all the bolts a good dose of WD-40 or similar (see photo)....

    Now, remove the front 18mm nuts and the rear 14mm bolts using the spanners/socket set listed in the tools section. Please note, you do not need to loosen the bolts that run through the middle of the rubber bushings to remove the mount.

    18mm nuts...

    14mm bolts...

    Now attach the new mount in the reverse order of putting it on (minus the WD-40 of course!), making sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and once you've lowered the car back down on to the ground you're all done!

    New mount attached to the car......



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