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    TC's V70R resurrection thread.

    Well as most of you will know I finally returned to Volvo ownership this week when I bought Sartain87's V70R, it's a manual car in silver with the dark interior. Picked the car up from Marc's in Kettering on Sunday at lunch time and then drove it the 200 odd miles home again, aside from a little pull to the right the car drove great. Once home I decided I wanted to clean the interior up a little and also do something about the leather as it had a few marks and some wear, out came the leather kit I've owned for forever. Sadly in the hurry to get it cleaned up I forgot to take any before shots but here's a couple of after shots along with a lovely view of the battered steering wheel which needs replacing.

    The to do list :-

    Electric windows dont work
    Rear wiper doesnt work
    Slight pull to the right
    blocked cat
    Wheels BADLY need refurbing
    Front and rear bumpers need re spraying, along with two splits to repair in the front bumper
    Bonnet needs repainting to rectify stone chips
    small patch of bubbled paint to re paint on front edge of rear wheel arch
    Various bits of trim broken that need replacing/repairing.
    Tailgate trim needs 'Fix' kit
    Central locking on front doors intermitant
    Front mudguard missing
    Recirc needs re fitting
    Boost guage needs moving(keeps wobbling and it's really annoying)
    Headlights look very flat inside, will need replacing sooner or later.
    Possible warped discs.
    Handbrakes a little high.
    Door straps are broken on both front doors.
    Various small dents all over.

    I know this looks like a rather extensive list and well to be fair it is, but a lot of this is cosmetic and I'm more than capable of repairing it myself, Marc thankfully gave me a shed load of spares to go with the car so hopefull I will be able to rectify some of the faults without having to spend any money. Plans at the moment intail repairing the esentials such as the windows,rear wiper,pull to the right,blocked cat and central locking and then the rest I will do as and when I have the funds availble. Not quite sure what to do about the wheels as they're really quite bad, the kerbing is simply shocking, I may just wait till I dont need it too much over summer and refurb them properly.

    Here's a couple of pics that I took not longer after getting back but sadly before I cleaned it. After cleaning I polished off some of the black marks off the front bumper so it wont look as bad until I get time to fix it, I also removed the black strip from under the back window as it was starting to rust and was jutting out quite a bit on both ends. Also greased the rear door straps as they where making that lovely groaning noise that they do when they're dry.

    More updates later in the week once I've had time to get something else fixed,lol.
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