Well folks just got the V50 a couple of weeks ago and a cracking car it is, nice to drive, economic and enough toys to keep most of us happy, but just one little issue has come to light in the recent snowy conditions, the DTSC wtf is this all about? As when the going gets a bit slippy this electronic device steps in and controls traction, which is great until you try climbing a steep snowy bank in the middle of the night and dtsc cuts in a shuts you down as it can not get grip and brings you to a complete halt. I managed to get to the top of the bank in reverse with the dtsc disabled and gave the dtsc one more try and I came to a grinding halt again and then disabled the dtsc and continued my journey home in 4-5 inchs of snow. What I want to know is there a method to drive this dtsc without it shuting the car down when things get slippy or are you meant to disable it when the going gets a bit tough, as my mrs wouldn't have a clue what was happening and would have been stuck in the snow, not knowing how to get her car moving again