Hi All.

I'm truly saddened to be writing a post like this, especially when this site only exists because of the continuing efforts, generosity and good nature of not only the management team but so many members.

Unfortunately there are a small number of people that abuse this good nature and I'm therefore forced to outline the following:


The spamming of members is strictly forbidden using any aspect of this site. That includes but not limited to posting on the Forums, Private Messaging System, Chat System, Groups, Albums and anything I haven't mentioned. We will from now be scanning the forums database for previously reported keywords which have linked to such spam activities. Where keywords have excessively being linked to a user investigation of that users activities will take place and action may be taken. Such action could include but not be limited to account restrictions, removal of access to the PM and chat systems and/or removal of access to the site.


Please remember that if you are promoting, selling or trading your own products, sales or services you need to contact us. (Outside "typical classifieds" which allows anyone with over 75 posts to sell a reasonable amount of goods for no profit). If you are profiting from these products, sales or service you will need to apply for trade status. If your having a garage clear out etc and will be selling a large amount of items or no profit then please just let us know first.

Trading outside of registered activities:

Those trading need to be registered. As those traders that have registered already know, when applying they are asked which products, sales or services they will be promoting, selling or trading. If you wish to promote, sell or trade services, sales or products outside what was announced at registration you will have to seek approval by using the Contact Us Link. Traders believed to be actively and purposely promoting, selling or trading outside activities registered with us face losing their trade status and therefore the ability to trade on this site.

Registration of previously banned users:

We keep having a small number of previously banned users sign up for new user accounts. Very recently 2 previous users tried signing up, one was previously banned for ripping off quite a few users and the other for consistently breaking multiple rules and general trolling. We don't ban users often and go to great lengths to avoid permanent bans, basically we only ban in the most serious cases. When a user is banned the person or people using that account are denied access to this site. Obviously any user accounts that have been created by users that have previously been banned will automatically have those accounts terminated without warning. We may seek legal clarification on our position and what other actions we may be able to take for persistent offenders. Unfortunately we also have information regarding active members helping banned members sell items or promote their services here. Please note that helping banned users sell their items, promote their services etc will likely result in account restrictions or a temporary/permanent ban.


We have had some reports that content from this site may have been copied/reproduced/ripped off and placed or used on other sites. We will be investigating these reports in due course and acting where appropriate.
Again my apologies, this post won't apply to many of you, just the very few that are obviously not community focused and are more than willing to profit on the back of others hard work, generosity and good will.